Andrew was diagnosed with Erythroid (M6) Acute Myeloid Leukemia on November 4th, 2010 when he was almost 5 months old. Andrew is currently in remission from his cancer, after finishing his 5 rounds of chemotherapy. He is a healthy, happy toddler.

Monday, September 26, 2011

4-month CBC

And the numbers are:

Hematocrit: 35.3
Platelets: 235
White Blood Count: 9.4
ANC: 5500

I'm almost positive that I'll see signs of his relapse before it shows in his blood, but it still wigs me out every time. His ANC is probably a little high because he's had a minor GI bug these last couple of days that neither I nor the oncologist is very concerned about.

We've been outside all day every day (except for this last week that they put down fertilizer) and have just been loving the outdoors. Aubree and Mikhail (Andrew's two other cancer buddies) came to visit a couple of weeks ago just for a get together. Unfortunately, Aubree got her thumb caught in my bathroom door jamb and almost took it off, so they went to the emergency room :(. Poor girl has gone through so much in that short life of hers. I think when Stew and I have little kids around, we're always going to want to be within 10 minutes of a hospital for reasons like that.

I was hoping to get pictures of the three of them, but since Aubree had to go to the hospital, I only got ones of Andrew and Mikhail:


  1. They both look great. I'm so glad things are going well. Does it get less scary each time they do labs? I'm just wondering how I'm going to get through the next 10 years....

  2. Andrew has the craziest hair! So cute!

  3. Is it 10 years for you Sonja? Before they say it's truly gone? They gave us the good ol 5.